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Lisa  M. Lovejoy
Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, N.A.S.M.
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Formally trained and certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I progressively train my clients from the inside out in a manner that will ensure their bodies will function as the integrated unit for which they were designed.                
My philosophy of training is the result of combining my additional studies in anatomy, physiology, fitness, nutrition and sports training with my training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  This method will enable my clients to achieve the benefits of total health and fitness.

I begin by evaluating my clients’ body mechanics and movement patterns to assess possible muscle imbalances.  Based on my findings I implement an individualized program that will correct any imbalances along with targeting core strength, balance and stability. This form of training simultaneously strengthens muscles of the abdominals and low back as well as improving the musculature of joints. 

Once core strength is achieved and muscles and joints are working together synergistically, my clients are able to strength train more efficiently with less chance for injury.
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Beata Carnahan
Certified Personal Trainer, N.A.S.M.
R.I.P.P.E.D. Certified

A few years ago I was interested in improving my health and losing weight, so I went to a personal trainer (Lisa Lovejoy). As each session passed I became more and more interested in what I was learning. I too wanted to spread the knowledge so others could experience a better understanding of how to exercise successfully and be a healthier individual.  

I decided to become personal trainer and started my studies with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I studied hard, with vision and passion. I knew I had found my calling and was so excited when I received my certification. Now I can help others on their personal fitness journey, whether it is for weight loss, strength, stress reduction, cardiovascular fitness or overall wellness. I am positive that I can successfully encourage others to be more fit, happier, healthier and confident through proper exercise and nutrition. 

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Nicole Donadio
AFAA, Certified Piloxing Instructor 
INBF Amature Class Figure Fitness Competitor 2013 -2nd place

I am a  motivator, and try to bring fun and levity to a seriously challenging endeavor.  I effectively communicate the physical benefit of each exercise so the client understands what the work is looking to achieve.  
There are no set routines with me.  I am an innovator and love to make every work out a new challenge.  
I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm to help others increase their quality of likfe through fitness.  

Rosann Booz
AAA/ISMA Group Fitness Instructor

I have been in the fitness industry for 17+ years. My fitness career started as an Aerobic Instructor for Baltimore County Recreation & Parks.
I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AAAI/ISMA and currently hold certifications with Les Mills for BODYPUMP, BODYFLOW, RPM, as well as Mad Dogg-Spinning, Nutrition, BTS Strength Training, Beginner Running Coach and Interactive Fitness Cycle Endurance Training. I am a down to earth instructor that enjoys working with those who are new to exercise.

Ericka S. Payne

For years I've struggled with my weight, self-image and pretty much let myself go. Frustrated, I hired a personal trainer and have since blasted over 70 pounds of body fat and continue my weight loss journey. Appreciating the vast benefits of having a personal trainer, I decided to become a trainer to help others achieve weight loss and fitness success. I am also a fitness coach, speaker, and innovator in the fitness industry. It's a great joy working with clients triumphing over their fitness challenges into a lifestyle. My expertise is fat loss, metabolic conditioning, strength training, and cardiovascular endurance. Coupled with a solid nutritional plan, clients ultimately obtain a healthy, lean toned fit body for life.
"Commit To Fit, Make it a lifestyle".

Cortney Patterson
Certified Personal Trainer, N.A.S.M.

In 2012 I started to realize I was becoming overweight and unhealthy and wanted to do something about it. At first I would just do cardio on a bike or treadmill, I wasn’t comfortable enough to use any of the other equipment in the gym. I started to lose some weight, but it wasn’t until 2013 when I found a coach and learned about weight training and nutrition that I was able to lose 50 pounds and compete in three National Physique Committee competitions. My passion for fitness has been growing ever since and I wanted to share my passion and knowledge so I became a personal trainer myself so I could help others reach their goals. Living a healthy lifestyle can truly change your life, I know it’s changed mine!