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Look what's happening..........
The holidays are coming and so are a lot of excuses.  One of the best gifts you can give to yourself and others is to stay on your health and fitness regiment.  You know that saying "If I'm happy, everyone's happy"?  Keep your body fueled with health foods, exercise endorphins and the mental awareness that time for yourself is okay.  

If you haven't tried one of our classes, here are a few reasons you should:  

Small classes:  The maximum amount of people in a class room is 15,            sometimes less, depending on the class.  This allows our instructors to            focus on each individual, ensuring proper form, reducing chances of                injury.  

Accountability:  We keep track of who is coming and who is not.  We will         email, call or text you if you are missing multiple classes to see what's             going on.  If you don't come, you will not reach your goals.  We want to         help you with that.

Camaraderie:  You and your classmates already have something in                   common...your desire to be healthier and more fit.  Everyone is                     squeezing in time for themselves.  Its not easy when you factor in family         obligations, work and children's sports schedules.  You may find other             commonalities and form a friendship outside of class.  Surrounding                 yourself with people that are living or trying to live a healthier lifestyle             will help you to succeed.  

Fun: It's hard to believe that exercise can be fun, but classes are.  Due to           the all of the above, you allow yourself to be yourself.  Don't get me               wrong you are still working hard and being challenged but                             simultaneously, you will find yourself blurting out things you probably             wouldn't in a large class of 25-40 people.  If your not, someone else is.