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We are getting ahead with the New Year's resolutions.....join us!

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HIIT Fat Loss Challenge:
Want to be accountable throughout the holidays? If you take this class and you would like to participate in a weight loss challenge, here are the rules and your add on options:

1. You must take at least 1 Hiit class per week for 6 weeks 
    (Class price is separate. Choose your dates online.)
2. You must weigh in 1 time per week in your Hiit class.
3. If you miss a class you will pay $5.00 which goes to the biggest 
    loser of the contest.
4. You must have your body fat analysis done at your first and last Hiit  class. This is how the winner will be determined. 
5. You must pay a dollar for every pound of weight gain each week.  Hopefully no one will pay. That is up to you. 

Contest Entry: $25.00. $10 of these dollars will go to the winners pot. 

1. Nutritional Analysis: I will determine how many calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat you need each day and tell you how to divide that up throughout your day. This will be based on your body fat analysis. You do not need to participate in a food journal with this addition. 
Additional $10.00.

2. Food Journal Analysis: 
You will log your daily intake into "My Fitness Pal" and send to me every Sunday. If you do not send the report you will have to pay $2.00 to the winners pot. I will review and give feedback on your entries. This is only to help you do better. It is not to judge you in any way.  
Additional $10.00 (Nutritional Analysis must accompany this option)

3. For All additions (contest entry, nutritional analysis, and  food journal analysis) $40.00.  (classes are additional) 

Each week the biggest loser will be awarded $5.00 credit toward their account. 
Grand Prize: Person who lost the most body fat will be awarded $10 for each person in the contest. (5 people = $50) Plus any additional money collected throughout the challenge. 
2nd Place: $10.00 Class Credit